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Top 5 all time best Knicks game winners

allan houston game winner against Miami Heat

We are taking a moment to look back on some of the all time great Knicks game winners. These are some of the biggest moments in Knicks history. The atmosphere in Madison Square Garden during these game winners is unbeatable!

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest Knicks moments in history.

5. Carmelo Anthony hits two big threes to beat the Bulls in overtime on Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, Carmelo Anthony carries the Knicks to a win over the Chicago Bulls in overtime. With no Amare Stoudemire or Jeremy Lin, Anthony stepped up. He hit two incredible 3-point shots to win it for the Knicks.

“We had the will to win today”

Carmelo Anthony told ABC

Anthony told ABC on his way off the court after having scored a game-high and season-high 43 points on 16-of-31 shooting.

Down two points in overtime, the Knicks rallied after missing four shots on their final possession, but thanks to three offensive rebounds, Anthony was able to line up the game-winner with taking a hand to his face.

It was a tremendous performance, capped off with two huge shots that will go down in Knicks history.

4. Jamal Crawford crazy game winner against the Denver Nuggets

After giving the ball away just moments prior, Jamal Crawford, with 3.7 seconds remaining in the game, steals the ball back, pulls up from 3 and hits a remarkable game winner to sink the Denver Nuggets.

The commentary is amazing during this moment. “He almost threw it away, AND DOES. CRAWFORD GETS IT BACK, THROWS IT UP FOR THREE!”

An incredible shot on the road to send Nuggets fans home in tears. One of the all-time Knicks game winners.

3. RJ Barrett hits fall away game winner to complete the 25-point comeback against the Celtics

One of the more recent game winners on our list is from RJ Barrett to complete a 25-point comeback. This moment makes the list purely because it was against the Celtics, but what a way to cap off the night.

Barrett did not have the best night. He finished the game with 13 points and six assists—was 3-for-14 from the floor. All of which was forgotten after taking the inbound pass and launched a high-arching three-pointer off the glass to give the Knicks the 108–105 victory.

At this point in time, the Knicks were 1-229 when trailing by 25 or more points in a game over the last 25 seasons, according to ESPN Stats and Info

It was a buzzer beater that galvanized the team and was big for the confidence of the young RJ Barrett.

2. Allan Houston game winner to clinch the series against the #1 Miami Heat

On May 16, 1999 Allan Houston knocks down the game-winner to upset #1-seeded Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

The series-deciding Game 5 between the No. 8 seeded Knicks and the No. 1 seeded Heat came down to one shot. New York had possession trailing 77-76 with just under five seconds remaining.

Allan Houston, arguably the best shooter in Knicks history, manoeuvred through the lane and hit a beautiful floater to give the Knicks the win. They became only the second team in NBA history to knock off a number 1 seed. Another moment Knicks fans will not soon forget.

1. Larry Johnson’s miracle four point play to beat the Pacers in Eastern Conference playoffs

Number 1 on the Knicks all time greatest game winners list is Larry Johnson’s memorable four point play against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals, in 1999.

Larry Johnson himself recognized his shot as being “Up there all the time,” in an interview with the New York Post.

“It’s the loudest I’ve heard it’’

Larry Johnson interview with the New York Post

The Knicks were down 88-91 before Larry Johnson took the shot. After lifting for the shot, the defender attempted to close the space but over compensated. He fouled Johnson on the play, although some will say the foul was call was debatable. One person being Antonio Davis, the defender on the play.

Davis said he would defend Johnson the same way if he had his time again. He just wanted to close the space, make it hard, as he knew Johnson wasn’t “that kind of three point shooter.” He said his hands were straight up.

Seeing the foul likely depends on if you are a Knicks or Pacers fan. Either way, it was an incredible moment, as Larry Johnson with nerves of steal, walked to the line and sunk the free throw to beat the Pacers in a big game.

Watching the moment and hearing the crowd, it is no doubt one of the greatest Knicks game winners, that will stick with Knicks fans throughout for all time!

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