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Offseason Rumor Recap: Knicks Trade Rumors 2023

Knicks trade rumors 2023 OG Anunoby

In the realm of NBA trade speculation, few teams draw as much attention as the New York Knicks. With the dust settling on the offseason, it’s time to dissect the latest buzz surrounding potential Knicks trade rumors. While trade winds have blown in various directions, some rumors have fizzled out, leaving fans to wonder what might have been.

In this article, we’ll delve into the Knicks’ trade rumor mill, analyzing the latest whispers from the hardwood. From a tantalizing possibility involving Joel Embiid to the sage wisdom of avoiding certain trades, we’ve got it all covered.

With that said, let’s explore the rollercoaster of rumors that has defined the Knicks’ offseason.

1. Zach Lavine

Trade Status: Not Happening

One of the most discussed and scrutinized rumors of the Knicks offseason was Zach LaVine to New York.

According to Jake Fischer at Yahoo! Sports, the Knicks discussed potential trades for the Chicago wing. While a trade was discussed, LaVine and the Bulls were against the idea, citing representation ties as the reason.

Personally, escaping this trade is a dodged bullet for the Knicks. While, LaVine is a dynamic scorer and he would provide an instant upgrade to the Knicks roster, the haul required to bring him in, coupled with his bloated contract of 5 years / $215,159,700, he would need to be the final piece to take the Knicks to a championship.

LaVine is not that guy.

Similar to the current state of the Chicago Bulls, a middling team avoiding the inevitable rebuild, New York would have no path to improve the roster.

2. Joel Embiid

Trade Status: Possible

One of the Knicks trade rumors that has continued to gain momentum is Joel Embiid to the Knicks. We discussed this possibility at length in March, 2023.

The lack of success in Philadelphia, and the drama that is James Harden, provides New York with an opportunity. With the 76ers Front Office seemingly in turmoil following recent Harden comments, calling Daryl Morey a “Liar”, Embiid has removed reference to the 76ers from his social bio.

A trade request could be imminent. No team is better placed to capitalize on this opportunity than the New York Knicks. It is a Knicks trade rumor to watch closely over the next 6-12 months.

3. Karl-Anthony Towns

Trade Status: Not Happening

Yet another trade that won’t die is Karl-Anthony Towns to New York.

This trade rumor has continued to rear its ugly head.

For New York, you could say a trade for Towns fits a need. The need to spread the floor and allow room for Randle, Barrett and Brunson to operate inside the paint. This move also gives them a high percentage perimeter shooter that defenses must respect.

In terms of championship contender, this is not the deal that gets the Knicks over the hump. Similar to LaVine, the trade haul required to get Towns would far exceed the value he could deliver on the court.

It is hard to see how a trade for Towns takes New York to the next level. The Knicks would be better served holding their assets in hopes of landing a more impactful player.

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Trade Status: Unlikely

It has not been the top headline, but Giannis Antentokuompo to New York has gained traction in recent times. He has been linked to the Knicks as a player the front office is monitoring, per Sports Illustrated’s Matthew Duganzic.

Giannis told the New York Times recently, “Winning a championship comes first. I don’t want to be 20 years on the same team and don’t win another championship.” He goes on to reference his competitive fire as the reason for still pursuing NBA titles.

He has never seemed like the player to force a trade away from the Milwaukee Bucks, but he wants to win. Should the organization fail to provide him with a team capable of winning a championship, he may be someone that becomes available.

In this situation, without hesitation, the Knicks will give up the farm in this trade. He without a doubt would take New York to the next level and give this team a real chance at a title.

5. OG Anunoby

Trade Status: Unlikely

OG Anunoby always felt like the most likely contender to land in New York. His style of play and potential fit with the team guided much of the conversation. Trade rumors circled him and the Knicks all season.

Despite these rumors, trade talks with Toronto never really materialized into anything meaningful.

It is fairly safe to say that OG would be an ideal fit in a Tom Thibodeau system. The sticking point, beyond trading to a rival team that you are actively in a legal battle with, is the role that he wants on a team.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer, Anunoby has “told representatives during meetings with prospective agents, according to people familiar with the situation, that he was searching for greater ball-handling and playmaking duties in advance of his upcoming contract talks.”

The New York Knicks would be unable to offer him this role. With Jalen Brunson leading the Point Guard duties, it makes little sense to bring in OG to play this role. Arguably, they would be better served with RJ Barrett taking on some of this burden in the second unit.

While a great potential fit that could be a core piece in a championship, this trade is unlikely to come to fruition.

6. James Harden

Trade Status: Never!

Thankfully, trade talks between the Knicks and James Harden gained little momentum. With an asking price through the roof for an aging, drama inducing, superstar, the Knicks are better off without him.

For the most part, this rumor was short lived. The Knicks will find themselves in most trade rumors due to their bounty of youth and picks. It is a trade that could lead to disaster and the Knicks front office did a good job staying away.

Honorable Knicks trade rumors this offseason

Some other trades that peaked their heads but never seemed realistic, include:

  • Jaylen Brown
  • Damian Lillard
  • Bogdan Bogdanovich

Many of these players simply emerged as Knicks trade rumors because they were on the market.

The Knicks organization has done a fantastic job of accumulating assets and developing their youth, whilst winning games. A key aspect in drawing talent. They are well positioned to make a huge splash in the NBA next year.

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