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2024 Knicks Free Agent Targets: Top Players Available

knicks free agent target Gary trent jr

The New York Knicks failed to make a splash this offseason. For some Knicks fans, they wanted more action, for others, they are happy to run it back. The team now has a path forward to a championship. With a treasure chest of picks and young talent, coupled with the newly established winning culture, the Knicks have become one of the most desirable free agent destinations in the NBA. With that said, we will look a year ahead and review the 2024 Knicks free agents targets for the offseason.

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Top free agents available for the Knicks

The list of potential NBA free agents in 2024 is a long one. As is always the case. The reality is many of these players will resign or extend with their current team as restricted or unrestricted free agents.

We are aiming to identify those free agents that are likely to look for a new home. Players that will fit in the hard-nosed, New York Knicks culture.

We will call out some of the most notable free agents, before we dig into the Knicks free agent targets for 2024.

Top NBA free agents in 2024

The list of NBA free agents is fluid and constantly changing. Players sign extensions with their teams during the season, are traded or make it known they are staying with their current team. It is this dynamic nature of free agency that makes it difficult to identify true Knicks free agent targets.

At the current time, here are some of the top NBA free agents available this offseason.

  • Klay Thompson
  • Tobias Harris
  • James Harden
  • Pascal Siakam
  • DeMar Derozan
  • Buddy Hield
  • DeAngelo Russell
  • Markelle Fultz

You can review the complete list of 2024 free agents here.

All of these players will become unrestricted free agents in 2024. All of which have bird rights associated with their current team. Simply put, it means they can sign for more money if they stay with the same team.

What makes sense for the Knicks?

For the Knicks, it is important to consider roster needs, the path to a championship, overall fit and the expected value from any player they sign.

We also expect the Knicks to make a significant trade, that will require a major consolidation of the current roster. Since much of the young talent in New York has been dealt, think Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett with Quentin Grimes soon to follow, we might see a major need for the Knicks at point guard.

The Knicks have done a tremendous job in recent times building a strong culture. A culture that was once mocked, has become a home for young prospects to develop and shine. We want the team to bring in talent, but not at the expense of what this organization has been building.

In addition to the team considerations of culture, timeline and needs, we considered the external factors that may play a part in the decision making process. Including a players relationship with their organization and other players in the league.

With these considerations in mind, who are realistic 2024 Knicks free agent targets? This is our top 3 Knicks free agent targets for 2024.

Best Knicks free agent targets

These are the 2024 Knicks free agent targets that are real possibilities for the New York roster.

1. Pascal Siakam – Unrestricted Free Agent

Somewhat of a long shot, Pascal Siakam is set to become one of the top 2024 NBA free agents. He’s an all-star player, capable of major scoring outbursts. Recall he scored an easy 52 on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

For his career, he has averaged 24.2 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 5.8 ast and a fg% of 48%.

Siakam has settled into his game and is known as one of the niftier inside post scorers. At 6-9, he is quick on his feet and a capable rebounder. His offense seems to continually improve, but he gives tireless effort on the defensive end to compliment his scoring.

Pascal Siakam has been a loyal member of the Toronto Raptors organization, however in recent times, he has expressed his readiness for a new opportunity. Given his value, the Raptors might look to trade him during the 2023-24 season. This is especially true should the Raptors secure early season losses.

While unlikely, there is the possibility that the Raptors trade Siakam somewhere he does not want to be. In this case, he may choose not to resign with the organization that trades for him.

Siakam would fit perfectly with this New York Knicks roster. While there would need to be some lineup adjustments, with his level of talent, should he want to play in New York, you sign him and figure the rest out later. His defensive energy and ability to score the basketball make him a top free agent target in the 2024 offseason

2. Tobias Harris – Unrestricted Free Agent

You can never have too many wing players in this league. That is why Tobias Harris in one of the top Knicks free agent targets on our list. Highly skilled guys that can impact the game at both ends are always valuable.

While Harris is not an elite defender by any means, he is versatile. He has the size to defend multiple positions and is too quick for many of the power forwards in the NBA. His ability to defend multiple positions would help this Knicks team. Today, RJ Barrett is tasked with guarding the small forward position. Adding more size would allow RJ to expend more energy on the offensive side of the ball.

Harris is not an all-star player, but has played to that level for many years. Given the ongoing rumblings within the 76ers organization, Daryl Morey, the 76ers GM, might looks to rebuild the roster. Should Joel Embiid force his way out, or the supporting cast look underwhelming, Harris could see himself in free agency in 2024.

3. Gary Trent Jr – Unrestricted Free Agent

At 25 years old, Gary Trent Jr has developed into a legitimate contributor. He is a hounding defensive player that will force steals on the defensive end of the floor. Capable of playing the 2 or 3, he would be a valuable asset to the Knicks roster.

In addition to being a solid defender, Trent Jr is capable at the offensive end of the floor. In his last season, he averaged 17.4 ppg, 2.6 rebs, 1.4 ast and 1.6 stls. These numbers were a significant improvement from his previous seasons. His FG% leaves a lot to be desired at ~43%, but he is not simply a spot up shooter and will take tough shots.

Gary Trent Jr is great option for the New York Knicks. He will give the team more options at small forward. If the Knicks can sign him for the right price, he would be a value for this team. Good team friendly contracts has been a statement of Leon Rose‘s time in New York.

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