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2024 Knicks Free Agent Targets: Top Power Forwards Available

Top power forward knicks target

The upcoming offseason appears to hold promising prospects for the New York Knicks as they gear up for a significant move. The ongoing discussions surrounding the Knicks’ rebuilding efforts might finally culminate into landing the superstar the city has longed for. This could be the moment where the team decides to go all-in. Equipped with a wealth of draft picks, a distinct team identity, and a well-established winning culture, the Knicks have solidified their status as one of the NBA’s most sought-after destinations for free agents. As we look forward, our focus turns to assessing the top power forwards who could be potential free agent targets for the Knicks in 2024.

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Top free agent power forwards available for the Knicks

The 2024 NBA free agency pool is extensive, as usual. To best assess the available options, we’re breaking down potential acquisitions by position. Moving on to the top power forwards.

In the dynamic landscape of NBA free agency, it’s a reality that a significant number of players may opt to re-sign or extend their contracts with their current teams, whether as restricted or unrestricted free agents. Our focus is on pinpointing those free agents actively seeking a change, capable of fulfilling a roster gap, and aligning with the cultural ethos of the New York Knicks.

Before delving into the specific targets for the 2024 Knicks, we’ll highlight some of the most noteworthy free agents in the broader landscape.

Top NBA free agent power forwards in 2024

The list of NBA free agents is fluid and constantly changing. Players sign extensions with their teams during the season, are traded, or make it known they are staying with their current team.

This dynamic nature of free agency that makes it difficult to identify true Knicks free agent targets.

At the current time, here are some of the top NBA power forward free agents this offseason.

  1. Pascal Siakim
  2. Tobias Harris
  3. Miles Bridges
  4. Obi Toppin
  5. Kyle Anderson
  6. Patrick Williams
  7. Jeff Green
  8. Taurean Prince
  9. Danilo Gallinari
  10. Nicolas Batum

You can review the complete list of 2024 free agents here.

All of these players will become unrestricted free agents in 2024. All of which have bird rights associated with their current team. Simply put, it means they can sign for more money if they stay with the same team.

What makes sense for the Knicks?

When assessing the Knicks’ potential moves, it’s crucial to factor in the team’s current roster requirements, the strategic path towards a championship, overall compatibility, and the anticipated value brought by any new player.

Following the recent trade for OG Anunoby, the Knicks will be on the lookout for a scoring spark off the bench and added depth at the forward positions. This is essential to give rest opportunities for Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle.

The New York Knicks have undeniably succeeded in establishing a robust and admirable team culture. What was once subject to mockery has transformed into a nurturing ground for young talents to grow and shine. While the pursuit of talent remains a priority, it is crucial not to compromise the foundation that this organization has diligently built.

Beyond these internal considerations such as culture, team timeline, and specific needs, external factors also come into play. This involves evaluating a player’s relationship with their current organization and their standing within the broader league.

With these comprehensive considerations in mind, the question arises: who stands out as realistic free agent targets for the Knicks in 2024? Presenting our top power forward picks for the 2024 Knicks free agent wishlist.

Top power forwards for the Knicks

The market at power forward this summer is light, but there is always an opportunity to bring a major piece to help build a championship team.

These are the 2024 Knicks free agent targets at the power forward position that are real possibilities for the New York.

1. Tobias Harris

Free Agent Overview:

2023/24 stats: 17.1 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 3.2 apg, 50.9 FG%, 35.9 3P%
2023/24 earnings:
Career earnings: $211,814,722
Extension eligibility: Through June 30, 2024

We have been a favorite of Tobias Harris for some time. In the NBA, having a surplus of wing players is always beneficial, and that’s why Harris is one of the top power forward targets for the Knicks.

While not an elite defender, Harris brings versatility with his size, enabling him to guard multiple positions and outpace many power forwards. This would be advantageous for the Knicks, especially considering the incredible defensive standard in New York. No defense, no minutes.

Harris, though not an all-star, has consistently performed at a high level. With potential changes within the 76ers organization, including rumors of roster reconstruction, Harris might become a free agent in 2024 if circumstances like Joel Embiid’s departure or a lackluster supporting cast arise.

2. Nicolas Batum

Free Agent Overview:

2023/24 stats: 5.9 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 2.3 apg, 53.5 FG%, 46.2 3P%
2023/24 earnings:
Career earnings: $187,838,139

Nicolas Batum is a battle tested veteran. Even at the tail-end of his career, Batum is perfectly capable of hitting 3pt shots and causing trouble on defense in measured stints.

In addition to his shooting capability, he has a high basketball IQ. This allows him to be a playmaker off the bench and can be productive in limited minutes. He is not a player that demands the ball and will be a compliment to Brunson and Randle. This makes him one of the top power forwards for the Knicks in 2024.

3. Patrick Williams

Free Agent Overview:

2023/24 stats: 10 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 1.5 apg, 44.3 FG%, 39.9 3P%
2023/24 earnings:
Career earnings: $22,265,760
Extension eligibility: Through the day before the start of the regular season

Patrick Williams hasn’t blown up the stat sheet early on his career. Despite this, he has shown consistency as an NBA defender. Underrated in this area, he is extremely versatile on defense and able to guard 3 through 5.

Williams is also a strong rebounder and willing to make the hard plays that impact winning. He is a Tom Thibodeau guy that will fit the culture of the Knicks. Another high IQ player that can impact winning.

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