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Knicks News and Rumors: Could Joel Embiid Land in New York?

As the NBA season heats up, Knicks fans are buzzing with anticipation as they march towards the playoffs. They have been suffocating opponents defensively, and scoring at will, playing the brand of basketball that’s synonymous with New York basketball. While the Knicks continue to prove the doubters wrong, you can’t help but think the Knicks are one star player away from being a true contender. One name that’s been floating around in Knicks news and rumors to fill this void is Joel Embiid.

For New York, this trade would catapult them into championship contention. But, why would the 76ers even entertain this? In the 2022-23 season, they’re set for another playoff run as the three seed in the Eastern Conference.

Now, should Joel Embiid become available, who in the league is a better fit than the New York Knicks? As of now, everything is just speculation. But for Knicks fans, the possibility of adding an elite talent like Joel Embiid to their roster is certainly worth talking about. With that said, let’s talk about how this trade may come to fruition for the New York Knicks in 2024.

The 76ers playoff struggles

For the Philadelphia 76ers, the playoffs have been a source of disappointment in recent years. Despite having a talented roster, the team has struggled to advance past the second round. Often falling short in crucial moments. We all remember Kawhi Leonard’s incredible game 7 shot.

In the team’s last five playoff appearances, they have failed to make the Eastern Conference finals. This has led to frustration among fans and players alike. For a team with such high expectations, the 76ers’ lack of success in the playoffs has been a bitter pill to swallow, and it remains to be seen whether they will be able to break through and contend for a championship in the near future.

As we have seen countless times over in the NBA, consistent playoff disappointment doesn’t bode well for retaining superstars. The best players want to win. With Doc Rivers leading the 76ers into their third straight playoff appearance, anything but a deep finals run will do. Should the team fail to meet their expectations, Knicks news and rumors will only continue to strengthen.

James Harden offseason rumors strike again

The Philadelphia 76ers could be facing another major shakeup this offseason. Rumors have begun to swirl that James Harden could leave the team in 2024 free agency, per Bleacher Report.

According to Knicks rumors, Harden could be headed back to his former team, the Houston Rockets, after spending just one full season with the 76ers. While there’s no official word on whether this rumor is true or not, it’s certainly something that is worthy of Knicks news. If Harden were to leave, it would be a significant blow to the 76ers’ roster and their hopes of making a deep playoff run in the future.

At the same time, Harden leaving the team could create an opportunity for the Knicks. As always, the NBA offseason is full of surprises, and anything could happen in the coming months.

The Knicks treasure chest of draft assets

In a world where Joel Embiid is available for trade, here is why the Knicks are a strong contender. With a treasure chest of assets, including 11 first-round draft picks from 2023 to 2029, 8 of which are tradable, the Knicks have the pieces to make a compelling trade offer.

In addition to significant draft capital, New York also have high quality young pieces that could be included in a deal. Obtaining one of the best centers in NBA comes at a price. Expect some combination of RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Immanuel Quickley, Quentin Grimes and Obi Toppin. This is on top of a ransom of unprotected first round picks and pick swaps. Not many teams could compete with this type of offer.

The 76ers have struggled in the playoffs in recent years, and if they decide to rebuild, the Knicks could be well-positioned to pounce. Additionally, Embiid’s fit with the Knicks team is enticing. He would instantly become their best player and would be surrounded by young, talented pieces. While there are no guarantees this Knicks rumor will become a reality, you can be sure the front office will do whatever it takes to secure him if he does.

Would Joel Embiid be the final piece of the puzzle?

This season, the New York Knicks have become one of the most desirable free agent destinations in the NBA. They are a gritty, hardworking team, in the heart of New York city. Playing under the lights of the world’s most famous arena on a successful team is the pinnacle of the game. Again, a talent like Joel Embiid comes with significant cost. The Knicks would give up a lot in a deal to secure his services, but with so many assets, the front office should be able to keep enough pieces to support Embiid. Joel Embiid alongside Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, with some young talent surrounding them, is a team that can compete for a championship. It’s an exciting time to be a New York Knick fan.

As of today, Knicks fans are eagerly awaiting how this team will perform in the playoffs. Should the Knicks compete and the 76ers fail again, news of potential trades and roster moves will circle the team in 2024. There’s no official word on whether the 76ers star will leave Philadelphia. Nor is there word on whether the Knicks will be able to make a deal, but the team’s front office and fans are undoubtedly excited about the possibility. With a stockpile of assets and a promising young core, the Knicks are well-positioned to make a play for one of the NBA’s top talents. Whether Embiid ends up in New York or not, the Knicks rumors and speculation show just how far this team has come in recent years.

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