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NBA draft class history: Former Knicks and first round picks you might not remember

2003 nba draft class

We are taking a look back at some of the most searched NBA draft classes from 1990 to 2010. For each NBA draft class, we will highlight the former number 1 pick and give some background on who the Knicks drafted – or didn’t draft – that year.

To begin, we will start with the 1992 NBA draft class. A draft class that was the incoming of a few NBA Hall of Famers.

1992 – Shaquille O’Neal, Orlando Magic

shaq 1992 nba draft class
Shaquille O Neal former #1 pick in 1992 draft

As most New York Knick fans are aware, the 90’s were some of the best years to be a fan of the team. The Knicks had some of their most exciting games and playoff runs. The penalty being a lack of draft capital, but obviously an acceptable reason.

The 1992 NBA draft class was the coming of Shaquille O’Neal. He was selected by the Orlando Magic with the first pick. He would spend only four seasons with the Magic before making his way to bright lights on Los Angeles, creating the infamous Kobe and Shaq duo.

In this draft, the Knicks picked Hubert Davis with the 20th pick. Davis would spend four seasons with the Knicks and average 9.28 ppg, 1.5 rebs and 1.7 ast. He would spend 12 seasons in the NBA with 8 different teams, per

1993 – Chris Webber, Orlando Magic

chris webber warriors
Chris Webber playing for the warriors

The 1993 draft class graced the NBA with Chris Webber. Many do not know this, but he was originally selected with by the Orlando Magic with the number 1 pick. In a last minute draft night trade, then coach Don Nelson, sent Penny Hardaway and 3 future 1st round picks to Orlando Chris Webber. The hope was he could push them to title contender status.

In 1993, while the New York Knicks did not have a pick, it was the year Allan Houston entered the NBA. He was originally drafted by the Detroit Pistons with the 11th pick.

It was 1996 when the Knicks traded for Larry Johnson and signed Allan Houston in free agency. Houston would go on to become one great Knicks in recent times.

1994 – Glenn Robinson, Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks entered the 1994 NBA draft with the number 1 pick and selected Glenn Robinson. The 1994 NBA draft class was top heavy, with Jason Kidd at No 2 and Grant Hill at No 3. Robinson was a two time all-star, but had difficulties managing injuries throughout his career and would ultimately retire early.

The New York Knicks selected Monty Williams with the 24th pick in the 1994 NBA draft. Monty Williams would spend two seasons with the Knicks and average 6.3 ppg, 2.8 rebs and 1.2 asts for his career.

Monty Williams would play with several NBA teams in his career and is now most known as the coach of the Phoenix Suns.

1998 – Michael Olowokandi, LA Clippers

Michael Olowokandi
Michael Olowokandi former #1 overall pick for the Clippers

This was a draft class that was deeper than most in recent history. The 1998 NBA Draft Class included many well known names.

  • No.1 Pick – Michael Olowokandi
  • No.2 Pick – Mike Bibby
  • No.4 Pick – Antawn Jamison
  • No.5 Pick – Vince Carter
  • No.7 Pick – Jason Williams
  • No.9 Pick – Dirk Nowitzki
  • No.10 Pick – Paul Pierce
  • No.23 Pick – Tyronn Lue
  • No.25 Pick – Al Harrington

This season, the New York Knicks did not have a pick. It had not happened yet, but it would become one of the most memorable Knicks season’s of all-time. The 1998 Knicks team would sneak into the 8th seed to shock the world, beat the Heat in the first round and journey to the NBA Finals.

2000 – Kenyon Martin, New Jersey Nets

The 2000 NBA Draft class was led by the former New York Knick, Kenyon Martin. He went on to play 15 seasons in the NBA and averaged 12.3 ppg, 6.8 rebs and 1.9 asts for his career.

Martin joined the Knicks in 2013 on a 10-day contract, that reunited him with Jason Kidd and Carmelo Anthony. They were the first Knicks team to make the playoffs since 1997.

In the same 2000 draft, the Knicks picked Donnell Harvey with the 22nd pick. He did not play a game for New York Knicks and was traded to Dallas Mavericks for Erick Strickland, per New York Post.

The 2000 NBA draft class was not full of deep talent, with Kenyon Martin, Jamal Crawford and Quentin Richardson amongst the most notable.

2003 – LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

2003 nba draft class
2003 NBA draft class #1 pick LeBron James

In one of the most loaded drafts in history, the 2003 NBA draft class was full of hall of fame level talent. Leading the pack was, and still is, LeBron James. Not much more to say that any NBA fan doesn’t already know, but if you have been living under a rock, he’s one of the greatest NBA players of all-time and still playing in the league.

The Knicks were close to the an opportunity to draft one of the incredible top 5 players in this draft. They picked at number 9 and selected Mike Sweetney. He played only two seasons with the Knicks and averaged 6.5 ppg, 4.5 rebs and 0.4 asts as a Power Forward in the league.

It’s unlikely we see a draft class as loaded as the 2003 NBA draft class in many years.

2005 – Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee Bucks

Andrew Bogut, the Center from Melbourne, Australia, was the top of the 2005 NBA Draft class. He had some strong years in Milwaukee before injuries took their toll on the big man. Following his time in Milwaukee, he found his way to the Golden State Warriors during their prime championship years and left with an NBA championship.

The 2005 NBA Draft class also included Chris Paul, a hall of fame player that is still in the league today.

In 2005, with the 8th pick the New York Knicks selected Channing Frye. He played two seasons with New York before being traded to Portland, in a deal that included Steve Francis, in return for Zach Randolph, per Bleacher Report.

2008 – Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

Bulls derrick rose
2008 NBA draft class #1 pick Derrick Rose

In 2008, the Chicago Bulls received the first pick with only a 1.8% chance and selected Derrick Rose. Rose was the clear number 1 pick in the 2008 NBA draft class. He had some tremendous years with Chicago, including a 2010-11 season where he led the Bulls to a 62 win season and became the youngest MVP ever.

Today, Derrick Rose is playing point guard off the bench for the New York Knicks. He is helping the organization develop their young talent and win games at the same time.

In the same 2008 NBA draft class, Danilo Gallinari was picked by the Knicks with the 6th pick. He has been a quality NBA player with several teams. Gallinari was traded to the Denver Nuggets as part of the deal for Carmelo Anthony. Injuries have gotten the best of him of late, but continues to contribute around the league.

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