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2024 Knicks Free Agent Targets: Top Small Forwards Available

knicks free agent target Saddiq bey

The New York Knicks seem ready to make splash this offseason. It has been discussed at length throughout the Knicks rebuild, but it could be the time the team finally puts all its chips on the table. The team now has a path forward to a championship. With a treasure chest of picks and a clear identity, coupled with an established winning culture, the Knicks have become one of the most desirable free agent destinations in the NBA. With that said, we are looking ahead and reviewing the top small forward 2024 Knicks free agent targets.

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Top free agent small forwards available for the Knicks

The list of potential NBA free agents in 2024 is a long one. As is always the case. This is why we are reviewing by position and looking at small forwards.

In NBA free agency, the reality is many of these players will resign or extend with their current team as restricted or unrestricted free agents. We are aiming to identify free agents that are likely looking for a new home, fill a roster need and will fit the New York Knicks culture.

We will call out some of the most notable free agents, before we dig into the 2024 Knicks free agent targets.

Top NBA free agent small forwards in 2024

The list of NBA free agents is fluid and constantly changing. Players sign extensions with their teams during the season, are traded or make it known they are staying with their current team. It is this dynamic nature of free agency that makes it difficult to identify true Knicks free agent targets.

At the current time, here are some of the top NBA small forward free agents this offseason.

  1. Paul George
  2. Lebron James
  3. Buddy Hield
  4. Kelly Oubre
  5. Saddiq Bey
  6. Royce O’neale

You can review the complete list of 2024 free agents here.

All of these players will become unrestricted free agents in 2024. All of which have bird rights associated with their current team. Simply put, it means they can sign for more money if they stay with the same team.

What makes sense for the Knicks?

For the Knicks, it is important to consider roster needs, the path to a championship, overall fit and the expected value from any player they sign.

We expect the Knicks to continue being active in the trade market all the way to the trade deadline. The team needs a second unit scoring option and some depth at the forward positions to allow some rest for OG Anunoby and Julius Randle.

The Knicks have done a tremendous job in recent times building a strong culture. A culture that was once mocked, has become a home for young prospects to develop and shine. We want the team to bring in talent, but not at the expense of what this organization has been building.

In addition to the team considerations of culture, timeline and needs, we considered the external factors that may play a part in the decision making process. Including a players relationship with their organization and other players in the league.

With these considerations in mind, who are realistic 2024 Knicks free agent targets? This is our top 3 Knicks free agent targets for 2024 at small forward.

Best Knicks free agent targets at small forward

There are many high level small forwards destined to be available and many that could be a major piece in building a championship team.

These are the 2024 Knicks free agent targets at the small forward position that are real possibilities for the New York.

1. Buddy Hield

Free Agent Overview:

2023/24 stats: 13 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 2.7 apg, 44.5 FG%, 39.1 3P%
2023/24 earnings:
Career earnings: $85,070,448
Extension eligibility: Through June 30, 2024

Buddy Hield is an electric three point shooter who can shoot from anywhere beyond the half court line. He takes difficult shots but can heat up quickly, changing the outlook of a game. Opposing team defenses must respect his scoring ability.

Hield is the perfect fit for this New York Knicks team. He is a dependable scoring option that can lead the second unit and give OG Anunoby an opportunity to save his legs for the playoffs.

2. Gordon Hayward

Free Agent Overview:

2023/24 stats: 14.5 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 4.6 apg, 46.8 FG%, 36.1 3P%
2023/24 earnings:
Career earnings: $239,422,778
Extension eligibility: Through June 30, 2024

Gordon Hayward is an all around player that can score, rebound and be a playmaker for his teammates. Given his difficult injury history, he’s not quite what he used to be, but he’s shown this season that he can still be a reliable scoring option for an NBA team. He gives the Knicks a true third scoring option that can get tough buckets when offense is hard to come by.

Signing Hayward would be a risk, as his health can force him to miss large stretches of games, but he does have the potential to be an X factor for the Knicks. The goal would be to have him healthy enough to play consistently come playoff time.

3. Saddiq Bey

Free Agent Overview:

2023/24 stats: 12.6 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 1.3 apg, 41.1 FG%, 31.2 3P%
2023/24 earnings:
Career earnings: $8,473,320
Extension eligibility: Through the day before the start of the regular season

Saddiq Bey’s efficiency on the offensive end of the floor leaves a lot to be desired. He’s shooting an abysmal 41.1% from the field and a painful 31.2% from three this season, but he has good size and can defend multiple positions.

At 24 years old, it’s possible Bey is still understanding how to be consistent in the NBA. He has shown signs of stardom in the past, including a 51 point game against the Orlando Magic where he shot 10/13 from three and shot 63% from the field.

Bey’s versatility on defense would be extremely beneficial for the Knicks, as this roster needs depth at both forward positions. He would be a strong 2024 Knicks free agent target.

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